The Eye of Istanbul

The Eye of Istanbul İstanbul’un Gözü

Director: Binnur Karaevli, Fatih Kaymak
Cast: Ara Güler
2015, 61 minutes,
Documentary, Turkey,
Turkish with English subtitles

The Eye of Istanbul tells the story of Ara Guler, the legendary Armenian-Turkish photographer, as he exhibits his retrospective works in Istanbul. The majority of his photographs are iconically black and white and capture his most loved subject - Istanbul. However, he has enjoyed an international career, spanning over sixty years and generating more than one million photographs.

From the impoverished workers of the city to the goat herders of Anatolia, the portraits of famous artists such a Picasso to the Israeli/Palestinian conflicts, Guler has capture the essence of the second half of the twentieth century. This arresting documentary follows Guler as he collects the stories behind his most iconic and cherished images and they spring to life before the camera lens.

City Venue Date Time
Sydney Palace Norton Street 09.07.2017 07:00pm
Sydney Palace Norton Street 16.07.2017 06:00pm
Melbourne Cinema Como 09.07.2017 06:00pm
Melbourne The Kino 16.07.2017 06:00pm

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