61 Days

61 Days İftarlık Gazoz

Director: Yüksel Aksu
Cast: Cem Yılmaz, Berat Efer Parlar, Ronkay Arslan
2016, 114 minutes,
Comedy, Drama, Turkey,
Language: Turkish with English subtitles

Adem is a young boy living in an Aegean village in the early 1970s. After finishing primary school, he yearns to work over the summer and gets permission from his family to be an apprentice to soda pop seller Ciber Kemal. But the Ramadan has just begun and Adem insists on fasting while he works. Hallucinations arise one summers day, the longest one yet for little Adem.

City Venue Date Time
Sydney Palace Norton Street 08.07.2017 09:00pm
Sydney Palace Norton Street 14.07.2017 09:00pm
Sydney Chauvel Cinema 15.07.2017 09:00pm
Melbourne The Kino 07.07.2017 09:00pm
Melbourne Palace Cinema Como 08.07.2017 09:00pm
Melbourne Palace Cinema Como 11.07.2017 06:00pm
Melbourne Palace Cinema Como 14.07.2017 09:00pm

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